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Non-metallic FRP Rod Central Strength Member CSM

Non-metallic FRP Rod Central Strength Member manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Pultruded FRP Rod strength member for fiber optical cables.

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Product Details

Non-metallic FRP Rod Central Strength Member CSM

Basic Info

  • Technique: Pultrusion

  • Type: Themosetting Plastic Profiles

  • Trademark: HonKable or Customerized

  • Diameter Ranges: 0.40 mm to 5.00 mm

  • HS Code: 70199090

  • Materials: Resin, E-glass Fiberglass, Agents, etc.

  • Applications: Central or peripheral strength member for fiber optical cables

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

Product Description:

Non-metallic FRP Rod strength member, usually located at the center or the periphery of optical cables, serves as the important component of optical cables by supporting optic fiber bundles and enhancing cables tensile strength.

Properties of Non-metallic FRP Rod Strength Member

A. High strength
FRP is stronger than structural steel on a pound-for pound basis. 

B. Light weight
FRP is 20-25% the weight of steel and 70% the weight of aluminum. FRP are easily transported, handled and lifted into place. 

C. Anti-corrosion
FRP will not rot and are impervious to a broad range of corrosive elements. This feature makes FRP a natural selection for indoor or outdoor structures in corrosive environments.

D. Electro-magnetic transparency
FRP are transparent to radio waves, microwaves and other electromagnetic. 

E. Non-conductive
FRP has low thermal/ electrical conductivity.

F. Dimensional stability
The coefficient of thermal expansion of FRP is slightly less than steel and significantly less than aluminum.