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Cable Reinforcement China Cable Industry
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Cable Reinforcement China Cable Industry

After several decades of development, China's domestic wire and cable industry has completed from scratch, from small to large primitive accumulation, and become a cable manufacturing power and export power, but we should also be soberly aware that China's cable industry The rapid development is accompanied by the rapid development of China's economic reform and opening up, in a sense can be said that the historical opportunity to create the development of China's cable industry, the achievements of the cable industry's brilliant. However, when the history of the wheel into 2008, we feel that everything seems to have changed around, especially raw material prices (especially copper, aluminum, plastic, etc.), rising labor costs and the impact of financial turmoil due to the lack of purchasing power , Exports to domestic sales and so on a series of unfavorable signals followed, all of which almost all cable companies are aware of China's cable industry by the product to conquer the world is gone, the industry has been competition from the Production has expanded to the field of sales, the market competition has been from the era of product sales model into the era of brand marketing, and competition must be accompanied by the upgrading of the industry. All this shows that China's cable industry has entered a transition period, overcapacity, cable market competition intensified, explosive growth ended, a new round of "reshuffle" has been the trend of the wind to the wind.

So the face of a new round of industrial competition, for most of the cable business, both the enterprise's development strategy, management system or business model have been necessary to change the time. First of all, brand competition has become a cable company's "survival regulations", so the development of corporate brand strategy is very important, there are views that the current enterprises in the implementation and promotion of brand strategy is the most important to do the following aspects jobs:

1, to establish a strong brand awareness of cable companies to adapt to the rapid development of the times and the rapid development of science and technology, we must first realize that the implementation of brand strategy is the current stage of competition for market share, seeking business survival and development of one of the fundamental means ; And then by learning and understanding of the domestic and international enterprise development situation, the size of the situation, timely seize the opportunity to implement the corporate brand strategy; then is to establish a strong brand development strategy awareness, with a high degree of political responsibility and urgency to promote the Enterprise brand strategy. 2, select the quasi-market positioning, to determine the strategic brand implementation of the brand strategy from the reality of the enterprise, which developed cable homogeneous goods, to reflect the heterogeneity. But this heterogeneity is the success of brand development, the key lies. And this heterogeneity is based on the market's consumer demand to develop. Such as many well-known brands is developed to the same category of products in the heterogeneity was successful.

3, the use of capital management, speed up the development of capital The form of capital operation through mergers, acquisitions, transfer, franchise, paid use, etc., grafting and the introduction of international and domestic ready-made brand. The creation of the brand is the initial stage of brand development, brand management is the advanced stage of brand development. From the US commodity brand development process, has gone through the creation of the brand - brand management - the sale of the brand trilogy. We may wish to learn from this experience, the implementation of the brand's capital management. In the end is the use of capital to operate the acquisition, mergers of other people's brand, or their own brand of capital operation transfer, paid use, franchise out, which depends on the specific circumstances of the enterprise to determine. Here to emphasize is that the idea of capital operation, know how to buy a good market commodity brands, it is equivalent to buy a good market. Nowadays, this brand capital operation and operation, in the international community has become commonplace, in the country has also been common.