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Fiberglass According To The Glass Composition
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Fiberglass According to the glass composition

Glass fiber according to the shape and length, can be divided into continuous fiber, fixed fiber and glass wool; according to the glass composition, can be divided into alkali, chemical resistance, high alkali, alkali, high strength, high elastic modulus and alkali ( Anti-alkali) glass fiber and so on.

The main raw materials for the production of glass fiber are: quartz sand, alumina and pyrophyllite, limestone, dolomite, boric acid, soda ash, mirabilite, fluorite and so on. The production method is divided into two categories: one is to make the molten glass directly into the fiber; one is made of molten glass first made of 20mm diameter glass ball or rod, and then in a variety of ways to heat remelting made after the diameter of 3 ~ 80μm very fine fibers. Through the platinum alloy plate by mechanical drawing method of drawing infinite fiber, called continuous glass fiber, commonly known as long fiber. Non-continuous fibers made by rollers or air streams are called fixed-length glass fibers, commonly referred to as short fibers.

Glass fiber according to the composition, nature and use, divided into different levels. According to the standard level (see table), E grade glass fiber use the most common, widely used in electrical insulation materials; S grade for special fibers. 1, the prohibition of raw materials (any use of fiber products can not be used directly or indirectly, the following materials):

a, medical fiber waste

b, used the funeral with fiber products

c, from the epidemic area can not prove that the pollution of the fiber products

d, the state prohibits the import of waste fiber products

e, other substances that are seriously polluted or toxic and harmful

2, limited use of raw materials (raw materials for the use of fiber materials with the use of the following substances may not be used):

a, contaminated fiber feet

b, waste fiber products or their re-processing fiber (such as thread, rags, etc.)

c, bleached bleached by the fiber under the foot, fiber products under the foot, and then processing fiber

d, not washed animal fiber

e, moldy fiber

Add little knowledge:

① with fiber: for filling, bedding of natural fibers, chemical fiber and its processing into the flakes, floc collectively.

② with fiber products: to expel the fiber as a filler, bedding products. Can be divided into life with Xu fiber products and non-living with Xu fiber products.

③ life with Xu fiber products: daily life and close contact with the human body with the fiber products. Mainly include: clothing shoes and hats, bedding, soft furniture, toys, such as Xu with fiber products.

④ fiber foot: fiber or fiber products in the production process of falling, excluded, stripped of single fiber or bundle fiber.

⑤ fiber products foot: fiber products produced in the process of production of fiber under the foot of the thread and fabric, flakes, mats and other side of the foot broken material.