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Fiberglass Poles Glass Fiber Twist Roving
- Jun 05, 2017 -

Fiberglass rod is made of glass fiber roving as a reinforcing material, unsaturated polyester resin as the matrix, the pultruded glass fiber rod. Its light, high strength, anti-corrosion and colorful features.

1, the quality of light: glass steel rod density of 1.92g / cm3, about one-third of the steel sucker rod (steel sucker rod density of 7.85 g / cm3), can greatly reduce the pumping load load, So you can use a small power motor, a smaller gearbox, a smaller balance block, a lighter structure, so as to achieve energy conservation, improve the efficiency of the purpose of comprehensive.

2, good elasticity: glass steel rod elastic modulus (4.0-6.0) × 104MPa, only about one-quarter of the steel sucker rod (steel sucker rod elastic modulus 2.1 × 105MPa), so that Extend the service life of the sucker rod, but also increase the effective stroke of the pump plunger to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the liquid.

3, anti-corrosion ability: glass steel rod has good corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance; glass rod end fittings with corrosion resistance of steel made of rods mainly by the alkali, untwisted glass fiber and thermosetting resin fully infiltrated Preheated and cured, is the electrical non-conductor, in the brine and containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other environmental experiments, no corrosion. This can reduce the corrosion caused by the sucker rod on the operation of the situation, to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiency purposes.

4, high strength: glass steel rod tensile strength of 810MPa, reached the D-class steel rod tensile strength, short-term maximum stress up to 300MPa, the maximum load up to 15t.

, Carbon rod inner wall is black, glass steel rod is yellow;

5, carbon rod light, glass steel bar feel heavier;

6, carbon rod is not easy to deformation, easy to deformation of glass steel rod;

There are two ways to distinguish between carbon rods and glass rods:

One look. Open the rod back cover, if the carbon fiber pole can see the pole is not drawing part of the silver-gray, and the color of the carbon brush on the motor, fine texture without latitude. The glass fiber cloth stained with carbon black powder is darker, with obvious weft and poles rough.

 Second is the test. Will be allocated to the K-meter meter that is the resistance file, the two test rods at the same time do not pull the rod on the pull, if the carbon fiber pole, the table swings to the right, and vice versa does not move.