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Fiberglass Poles Pultruded
- Aug 03, 2017 -

 fiberglass poles Pultruded

The glass fiber reinforced plastic rod is a pultruded fiberglass composite material which is made of continuous glass fiber roving and resin under the draw molding of the pultruder. The surface of the resin-rich layer also makes it have good corrosion resistance. And has a light weight, high strength, good elasticity, dimensional stability and precision, at the same time with insulation, no heat, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other fine features, so in a corrosive environment of the project is to replace steel and other materials Good products, and a wide range of applications: fiber reinforced core, sports equipment products, flagpole, canopy pole, tent pole, grain machine boom, curtain rod, sign pole, row fan column, car antenna, building, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission shaft Golf cartoon skeleton, umbrella skeleton, bracket blanket frame, model aircraft skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear accessories, its specifications are: diameter 0.6mm ---- 50mm (commonly used specifications ), Special specifications can be based on customer demand for mold production. With the 3G communication to ask the city, the requirements of the antenna is increasing, the choice of the most peripheral protective cover greatly affect the performance of the entire antenna. FRP radome has the characteristics of light weight, excellent wave performance (more than 98% of the wave rate), the shape and variety, can be suitable for a variety of harsh environments and other characteristics, has been widely used in aerospace, communications, weather and other fields.


The glass fiber twist roving, stitching felt and other reinforced materials, and unsaturated polyester resin and other matrix material by pultrusion equipment, high temperature composite thermosetting plastic products, the surface can be required according to the paint coating.

Material properties

Light and high strength, size and stability

Anti-corrosion, anti-aging performance, long life

Good electrical insulation, strong wave through

Beautiful appearance, high-grade, good texture

Anti-ultraviolet, impact resistance

In the high temperature, cold and other harsh environments in the use of more prominent performance

Glass steel rod, also known as glass steel rod, also known as carbon tube, carbon fiber tube, is the use of carbon fiber composite pre-dipped in styrene-based polyester resin by curing curing pultrusion (entangled) made. In the process, you can produce a variety of profiles through different molds, such as: different specifications of the carbon fiber tube, different specifications of the square tube, different specifications of the sheet, and other profiles: in the production process can also package 3K Surface packaging landscaping and so on

The characteristics of glass steel rods

1, high tensile strength: carbon fiber strength is 6-12 times the steel, up to 3000mpa or more.

2, the density is small, light weight. Density is only less than 1/4 of steel.