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Fiberglass Poles Very Strong Corrosion Resistance
- Aug 13, 2017 -

 fiberglass poles Very strong corrosion resistance

Fiberglass Insulation Material Features:

① poor dimensional stability, easy to deformation;

② easy to aging;

③ Most of the plastic low temperature resistance, low temperature brittle;

④ some plastic soluble in solvents;

⑤ general shape, good coloring, low processing costs;

⑥ good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

⑦ most of the plastic light, chemical stability, not rust;

⑧ has good transparency and abrasion resistance;

⑨ good impact resistance;

⑩ most of the plastic heat resistance is poor, thermal expansion rate, easy to burn.

 Glass fiber rods are a composite material that we often use for these materials. In the use of glass fiber rods, we need to clearly know what the characteristics of these materials, because it will be able to give full play to the advantages of these products, so that these products can be in life and work to play a better effect. So what are the advantages of these products?

    Before we use the product, it is certainly necessary to be able to clearly know what kind of advantages these products have. The study of the advantages of the product allows us to use the process of more effective protection. These products have a lot of advantages, light weight, corrosion resistance, easy storage and so on. These products themselves have a very strong corrosion resistance, to meet the very use of the environment, so that we can use the process to ensure that the entire use of the effect.

    Corrosion resistance makes the glass fiber rod in the use of the time can have a very big advantage, because this feature can make these products can withstand the wind and sun, which will allow our use can be better satisfied The In the use of the process we do not need to worry about these products will be subject to any external factors, I believe that this can make these products in the course of the process can give us a very good help. This can also make a lot of work to get a very good effect of protection, so as to ensure the quality of work is improved.

    The various characteristics of the glass fiber rods will certainly enable us to play a very good efficiency in the process of making these processes, and will enable us to get better product use.

Glass fiber features:

① light high strength

Relative density between 1.5 to 2.0, only carbon steel 1/4 ~ 1/5, but the tensile strength is close, even more than carbon steel, and the specific strength can be compared with the high alloy steel. Therefore, in the aviation, rockets, space vehicles, high pressure vessels and other products need to reduce their weight applications, have excellent results. Some epoxy FRP tensile, bending and compression strength can reach more than 400Mpa.

② good corrosion resistance

 FRP is a good anticorrosive material, the atmosphere, water and the general concentration of acid, alkali, salt and a variety of oils and solvents have a better resistance. Has been applied to all aspects of chemical corrosion, is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, nonferrous metals and so on.