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Fiberglass Profiles Glass Composition
- Oct 11, 2017 -

fiberglass profiles Glass composition

Glass fiber companies produce glass that is different from other glass products. The glass components of commercially commercially available fiber are as follows:

D glass

Also known as low dielectric glass, it is used to produce low dielectric fiberglass fiber with good dielectric strength.

A glass

Also known as high alkali glass, is a typical sodium silicate glass which is very poor in water resistance and is rarely used in the production of fiberglass.

E - CR glass

Is a kind of improved without boron non-alkali glass, used in the production of acid water resistance good glass fiber, its water resistance than non-alkali fiberglass improve 7 ~ 8 times, acid alkali glass fiber is superior than many, is designed for underground pipe, tank and so on development of new varieties.

E - glass

Also called alkali free glass, is a borosilicate glass. At present is the most widely used a glass fiber glass composition, good electrical insulation and mechanical properties, are widely used in the production of electrical insulating glass fiber, also a large number of used in the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic with glass fiber, its drawback is easy by inorganic acid erosion, therefore, is not suitable for use in acidic environment.

High strength glass fiber

Its characteristic is high strength, high modulus, its single fiber tensile strength is 2800MPa, it is about 25% higher than non-alkali glass fiber tensile strength, and the elastic modulus is 86000MPa, which is higher than the strength of e-glass fiber. The glass steel products that they produce are mostly used for military, space, bulletproof armour and sports equipment. But because they are expensive, they are not widely used for civilian use, and the world produces about a few thousand tons.

AR glass fibre

Also called alkali glass fiber, alkali glass fiber is a glass fiber reinforced concrete (cement) (GRC) rib reinforcement materials, inorganic fiber is 100%, in the bearing of concrete component is an ideal alternative to steel and asbestos. Alkali resistant glass fiber is characterized by good alkali resistance, can effectively resist high alkali cement material erosion, grip of strong, elastic modulus, high impact resistance, tensile and bending strength, non-combustible, frost resistance, resistance to temperature, humidity change ability, crack resistance, impermeability, performance is remarkable, has strong design, features easy molding, alkali resistant glass fiber is widely used in high performance enhancement (cement) in concrete, a new type of green environmental protection reinforced material.

C - glass

Also known as the alkali glass, its characteristic is chemical resistance especially acid is better than that of non-alkali glass, electric performance is poor, but the mechanical strength is lower than 10% ~ 20% of alkali-free glass fiber, often abroad in alkali glass fiber containing a certain amount of boron trioxide, whereas in the alkali glass fiber in our country have no boron. In abroad, alkali glass fiber is used in the production of corrosion resistant fiberglass products, such as used in the production of glass fiber surface mat and so on, also used to enhance the asphalt roofing material, but in the alkali glass fiber in our country more than half (60%) for the glass fiber production, and is widely used in glass fiber reinforced plastic enhancement and filtration fabric, dressing fabric such as production, because the price is lower than non-alkali fiberglass and strong competitiveness.