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Fiberglass Profiles Industrial Fiber Materials
- Aug 13, 2017 -

fiberglass profiles Industrial fiber materials

Talking about the use of glass fiber profiles Carbon fiber is more than 90% of carbon fiber in general, due to high carbon content. Dongguan Jinwang introduced Japan, Taiwan advanced equipment and technology, the products produced by the elemental carbon has a variety of excellent performance, such as small proportion, heat, heat shock, chemical resistance and conductivity, etc., and fiber around Sexual and excellent mechanical properties. In particular, its high specific strength and specific modulus, under anaerobic conditions, can withstand high temperature of 2000 ℃, is an important industrial fiber materials, suitable for enhanced composite materials, ablative materials and insulation materials. It is the 20th century, the early 60s developed a new material, has now become an indispensable modern society, a new material. Leisure products, the first application of PAN carbon fiber is fishing rod. Now the world's annual production of carbon fiber fishing rods of about 12 million, equivalent to about 1,200 tons of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber in the golf club's application is started in 1972, and now the world's annual production of carbon fiber golf clubs about 40 million or so, equivalent to the amount of 2000 tons of carbon fiber. The application of tennis racket is from 1974, the current world production of carbon fiber racket about 4.5 million, the amount of carbon fiber required about 500 tons. In other areas, carbon fiber is also widely used in snowboarding, snow boats, ski poles, baseball bat, road races and ship sporting goods. People recognize the carbon fiber lightweight, fatigue and corrosion resistance and other properties, and thus began to be widely used in the aerospace industry. In the field of aerospace, due to the high modulus of carbon fiber lightweight (rigid), dimensional stability of the thermal conductivity, has long been used in artificial satellites, etc., in recent years has been applied to Iridium and other communications satellites. The molding compound is mainly used in the form of short fiber for the thermoplastic resin, because it has reinforcement, antistatic, electromagnetic shielding effect, can be widely used in household appliances, office machines, semiconductors and related fields. The pressure vessel is mainly used for compressed (CHG) tanks and air conditioners for firefighters, including all cans produced with CF filaments. Other fuel containers, such as CNG cans, must be lightweight if they are made of conventional metal. Therefore, the use of metal plus fiber-wound or plastic lining of the whole composite material containers are being used for practical production applications. Air respirator last year in the United States by DOT identified CF products, the future market demand will grow dramatically. In recent years in the field of civil engineering, by carbon fiber for seismic repair and reinforcement of the construction method, the road bridge of the ground, beams, buildings and beams, frames and chimney bending reinforcement, the carbon fiber modulus becomes extra important. In the ferry, large boats and other boats, the market demand for carbon fiber is growing. In the energy and related fields, including wind turbine blades, fuel cell electrodes, flywheels and other purposes, carbon fiber growth trend is strong. Although the use of wind power is yet to be further promoted, but these applications can give full play to the expertise of carbon fiber. Jinwang carbon fiber all products have passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, in addition to the previous X-ray medical equipment, electronic equipment and other related fields (in addition to enriched uranium drum), all kinds of mechanical parts, electrical parts, umbrella skeleton , Helmets and other life-related supplies, but also related to the truck's structure, vehicle structure, freezers, home elevators and other new projects.

High-performance fiber to reduce the weight of vehicles In recent years, the major car prices competing layout of new energy vehicles, industry competition is increasingly fierce. However, the problem of lightweight vehicle has always been a bottleneck in the development of the industry. How to crack this problem? Can the new material be the solution? Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering held "high-performance fiber and automotive lightweight technology innovation and development strategy research" project results conference, the experts were discussed. High-performance fiber hopes to show that the total weight of 1550 kg of new energy vehicles mileage of 186 km, if the total weight can be reduced to 1011 kg, the mileage can be increased to 275.5 km. How to achieve lightweight? Experts said that fiber reinforced composite materials is by far the most comprehensive performance, can be applied in the application of lightweight materials. Including carbon fiber, including high-performance fiber can not only be used in vehicles and other means of transport reduction and consumption, but also can improve the mechanical movement accuracy, to help marine chemical equipment, such as anti-corrosion.