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Fiberglass Profiles New Composite Materials
- Aug 28, 2017 -

fiberglass profiles New composite materials

Glass fiber profile in the domestic time is not very long, is a new type of composite material containing polyurethane material of the new pipeline, which has a traditional trench and overhead piping difficult to compare the advanced technology and practical performance, applicability is very strong, Wide use of the field, with significant social and economic benefits, energy saving and environmental protection also played a certain role in the contribution, it can be said that China's glass fiber profiles in the qualitative leap.

    Glass fiber profile compared to ordinary glass fiber profiles have good insulation properties, less heat loss, transmission resistance is small, easy to scale, easy to install, prefabricated and other advantages. Glass fiber profile can be subdivided into three layers, not for the lining layer, insulation layer, leak-proof layer. Mainly resin, glass fiber yarn and polyurethane materials, is widely used in a number of areas, an effective solution to the problem of urban central heating, and save a lot of pipeline installation and maintenance costs.

    Glass fiber profile is different from the traditional pipeline, no need to masonry a huge trench, just the glass fiber buried underground, buried installation, and then backfill can greatly reduce the construction time, labor costs, and Materials, transportation costs, thus reducing the construction process of automobile exhaust emissions, dust, noise emissions, the environmental protection has played a role.

    FRP ducts are made of unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber. It is suitable for conveying corrosive gas ventilation system. When the ventilation system requires beautiful color, glass fiber duct can also be used. The surface is smooth and smooth, the outer surface is neat and beautiful. Uniform and nice.

    Composite Materials Co., Ltd. today and we talk about the design of glass fiber reinforced concrete duct is very strong, but also thanks to the advantages of glass fiber reinforced plastic composite. According to the specific use, can be wrapped around the specific performance of steel pipe and shape design.