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Fiberglass Pultrusion Thermoplastics
- Jun 16, 2017 -

Fiberglass Pultrusion Thermoplastics

Pultrusion Process and Application

Abstract: The pultrusion process and its application prospect are summarized. By comparing the pultrusion process and other composite materials, the characteristics of the pultrusion process and the new composite material processing technology in aviation, aerospace, transportation , Electrical, chemical and construction and other fields of development potential.

 Key words: Pultruded composite materials Thermoplastics Application I. Overview and development history

The pultrusion process is a continuous glass fiber bundle, belt or cloth impregnated with a resin glue, which is produced by extrusion die, solidified and continuously produced under the action of traction, and continuously produces glass fiber profiles of unlimited length. This process is most suitable for the production of various cross-sectional shape of the FRP profiles, such as rods, tubes, solid profiles (I-shaped, groove, square profile) and fasting profiles (doors and windows profiles, leaves, etc.) and so on.

Pultrusion technology is a continuous fiber and its fabric or felt materials to enhance the profile of the process. The basic process, enhance the material in the external force of the traction, the dipping, preforming, hot mold curing, in a continuous die by the fixed length of cutting or a certain post-processing, to be profiles products.

The first pultrusion technology patent was registered in the United States in 1951. Until the 60's, its application is also very limited, the main production of solid core fishing rod and electrical insulation materials. In the mid-1960s, due to the urgent need for light, high strength, corrosion resistance and low cost of the chemical industry, the development of the pultrusion industry, especially the continuous fiber mats, was promoted to solve the transverse strength of pultruded profiles. 70 years, the pultrusion products began to enter the field of structural materials, and about 20% per year rate of growth, as the US composite material industry is a very important molding technology. Since then, the pultrusion process has also entered a stage of rapid development and extensive application. At the same time, the domestic began to pay attention to the pultrusion process of this new technology.

With the continuous development of pultrusion products, people have a new understanding of the pultrusion process, from the 80's, Qinhuangdao glass steel mills, Xi'an insulation materials plant, Harbin FRP Research Institute, Beijing FRP Research and Design Institute, Wuhan University of Technology Successively from the United Kingdom PUITREX company, the United States PTI company introduced pultrusion process equipment. In addition, Hebei Jixian Zhongyi Fiberglass Co., Ltd. from Italy TOP Glass company to introduce five pultrusion production line, one of which is China's first introduction of fiber reinforced core pultrusion equipment, the pultrusion speed of up to 15-35 m / min.

On the basis of drawing on and digesting advanced foreign technology, the industry has continuously researched new technology and developed new products, which has effectively promoted the domestic pultruded industry. At present, this technology is moving to high speed, large diameter, high thickness and complicated cross section And composite molding process direction.