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Fiberglass Reinforcing Material
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Fiberglass Reinforcing material

Glass fiber rod is made of glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, felt, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing material, synthetic resin as a matrix material of a composite material. The concept of composite material refers to a material can not meet the requirements of the use of two or more materials need to be combined together to form another material to meet the requirements of people, that is, composite materials. A single type of glass fiber, although the strength is high, but the fiber is loose, can only withstand tension, can not withstand bending, shear and compressive stress, is not easy to make a fixed geometry, is soft. If they are bonded together with synthetic resin, can be made into a variety of fixed shape of the hard products, both to withstand tensile stress, but also to withstand bending, compression and shear stress. This constitutes a glass fiber reinforced plastic matrix composite material. Because of its strength is equivalent to steel, but also contains glass components, but also has the glass as the color, shape, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, heat insulation and other properties, like glass, the history of the formation of this easy-to-understand name " , The term is the former State Building Materials Industry Minister Lai Laifa comrades in 1958 proposed by the building materials system to the country, is also commonly used. It can be seen that the meaning of fiberglass refers to the glass fiber as a reinforcing material, synthetic resin as a binder to enhance the plastic, said abroad, said glass fiber reinforced plastic. With the development of China's FRP, as a plastic-based reinforcement, glass fiber has been expanded to carbon fiber, boron fiber, aramid fiber, alumina fiber and silicon carbide fiber, no doubt, these new fiber reinforced plastic , Is a number of high-performance fiber reinforced composite materials, and then commonly known as FRP can not be summarized. Taking into account the origin and development of history, usually using glass fiber reinforced plastic composite materials, such a name is more comprehensive.

Glass fiber rods because of its unique performance advantages, has been in the aerospace, railway railway, decorative buildings, home furnishings, advertising display, craft gifts, building materials bathroom, yacht berthing, sports materials, sanitation engineering, and so on more than 10 industries Widely used, and by the praise, as the material industry in the new era of business needs darling. FRP products are also different from traditional materials, in terms of performance, use, life properties are much better than traditional products. Its easy to shape, can be customized, the color of the characteristics of random deployment, by the merchants and sellers of the favor, occupy a growing market score, the prospects are broad!