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Fiberglass Rods Fiber Products
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Fiberglass Rods Fiber products

1. What is the fiber product?

Flax fiber products refers to the natural fiber, chemical fiber and its processing into the flakes, mats, etc. as a filler, bedding products; including life with fiber products and non-living with Xu fiber products.

2. What is the content of the inspection and acceptance of the raw material purchase by the producer of the fiber product?

Acceptance range is used for the production of raw materials with fiber materials should be carried out with the acceptance, including: natural fibers, chemical fibers and processed into flakes, mats and so on. Acceptance includes the quality of the raw materials used to meet the requirements, whether the integrity of the logo is correct, raw material packaging is intact and so on. The acceptance shall record the acceptance and keep it properly. In accordance with Article 11, the term of the deposit shall not be less than two years.

3. The main body of the scope of application of fiber products:

(1) the producer of the fiber product;

(2) the seller of the fiber product;

(3) users of fiber products in business services or public welfare activities;

(4) the quality of fiber products supervision and management of fiber quality supervision agencies.

4. What quality of fiber products should meet the requirements?

It is clear that whether it is production, sales or for business services or public welfare activities, fiber products should be:

(1) the product shall not be hazardous to personal and property safety unreasonable danger;

(2) the product should have the proper performance;

(3) product quality should meet the express quality conditions.

Glass fiber factory to tell you the benefits of the use of glass short fiber is the fiber length of high precision, high fiber, monofilament diameter consistent with the fiber before the dispersion to maintain a good flow, because it is inorganic, so no static , High temperature resistance, in the product of the tension is consistent, can form a three-dimensional network structure, so that the product has a good wayward and anti-Zhang surname, high impact strength, fiber in each corner of the product scattered length , So the tensile strength of the product is consistent. And glass fiber powder can not be done, because it is crushing process, the length of the fiber can not be guaranteed, there are long and short, there are powder, because it is scrap, one of the impurities, monofilament diameter is not guaranteed, , So add in the product, the intensity can not be guaranteed, the strength of each corner is not the same, but also easy to staggered from the group.