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Fiberglass Rods Reinforcing Material
- Aug 28, 2017 -

Fiberglass Rods Reinforcing material

Glass fiber rod is a composite material with glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcing material, synthetic resin as matrix material.

Glass fiber rod is a pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, is a continuous glass fiber roving and resin in the pultrusion machine under the traction forming thermosetting elastic material; the surface of the resin-rich layer and it has a good anti-corrosion, It has a light weight, high strength, good elasticity, stable and precise size, at the same time with insulation, no heat, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other fine features, so in a corrosive environment of the project is to replace steel and other materials The best products, and a wide range of applications: fiber reinforced core, sports equipment products, flagpole, canopy pole, tent pole, grain machine boom, curtain rod, sign pole, row fan column, car antenna, building, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission Axis, golf club, garden fence, kite skeleton, aluminum balloon skeleton, umbrella skeleton, bracket blanket frame, model aircraft skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear accessories, its specifications are: diameter 0.6mm ---- 50mm (commonly used Specifications), special specifications can be based on customer demand for mold production.

The scope of application of glass fiber rods are as follows: black metallurgy industry, nonferrous metallurgy industry, power industry, coal industry, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, electromechanical industry, textile industry, automobile and motorcycle manufacturing industry, railway industry, shipbuilding industry , The construction industry, the light industry, the food industry, the electronics industry, the post and telecommunications industry, the culture, the sports and entertainment industry, the agriculture, the commercial, the medical and health industry, and the military and civilian applications. Glass fiber products appearance inspection standards have the following methods:

1. Poor oil: yarn appearance bright wire or appear hedgehog-like hair, unqualified.

2. Sizing: single yarn stains or conical top stains, unqualified. The surface of the tube yarn block stains, the outer layer of peeling and the appearance of qualified after the non-fixed yarn.

3. Wound yarn: tube yarn conical top trauma, failed. The middle of the tube wounds, the outer layer of peeling and the appearance of qualified after the use of non-fixed yarn.

4. yarn: dense or full set of wool, unqualified. A single hair, the outer layer of peeling and after the appearance of qualified for non-fixed yarn.

5. Poorly formed: the surface of the yarn forming an abnormal ladder or wave-like, the whole batch of yarn failed. The bottom edge of the tube is bulky or concave. The bottom edge of the tube is very slightly raised or recessed and can be used.