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Fiberglass Rods Solid Elastic Material
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Fiberglass Rods Solid elastic material

Glass fiber rod is a pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, is a continuous glass fiber roving and resin in the pultrusion machine under the traction forming thermosetting elastic material; the surface of the resin-rich layer and it has a good anti-corrosion, It has a light weight, high strength, good elasticity, stable and precise size, but also with insulation, no heat, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other fine features, so in a corrosive environment of the project is to replace steel and other materials The best products, and a wide range of applications: fiber reinforced core, sports equipment products, flagpole, canopy pole, tent pole, grain machine boom, curtain rod, sign pole, row fan column, car antenna, building, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission Shafts, golf clubs, courtyard fence, kite skeleton, aluminum balloon skeleton, umbrella skeleton, bracket blanket frame, model aircraft skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear accessories, its specifications are: diameter 0.6mm ---- 50mm (commonly used Specifications), special specifications can be based on customer demand for mold production.

There are many ways to classify glass fibers. Usually from the glass material composition, monofilament diameter, fiber appearance, production methods and fiber characteristics and other aspects of classification. First, to glass material composition classification This classification, mainly for the subsequent classification of glass fiber. Usually with different alkali metal oxide content to different, alkali metal oxide usually refers to sodium oxide, potassium oxide. In the glass speculation, from soda ash, Glauber's salt, feldspar and other substances introduced. The alkali metal oxide is one of the primary components of the general glass, and the primary effect of the glass fiber mat is to drop the melting point of the glass. However, the higher the content of alkali metal oxide in the glass, its chemical stability, electrical insulation function and strength will be a corresponding decline. Therefore, for different use of glass fiber, to use the same amount of alkali content of the glass composition. And then often use the glass fiber composition of the alkali content, as the difference is not the same use of successive glass fiber symbol. Glass fiber products development resume

1. Modern industrial glass fiber is the last century 40's began to produce. After the Second World War, glass fiber products have been a great development and application. This period can be called the first phase of the development of glass fiber products.

In the 1960s, with the development of the industry, the glass composition was changed and the high strength and high modulus glass fibers were studied. So that the development of glass fiber products to a new stage, can be called glass fiber products development of the second stage.