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Fiberglass Rods Strong Resistance To Corrosion
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Fiberglass Rods Strong resistance to corrosion

1, the quality of light: glass steel rod density of 1.92g / cm3, about one-third of the steel sucker rod (steel sucker rod density of 7.85 g / cm3), can greatly reduce the pumping load load, So you can use the power of small motors, smaller gearbox, a smaller balance block, lighter structure, so as to achieve energy conservation, improve the efficiency of the purpose of comprehensive.

2, good elasticity: glass steel rod elastic modulus (4.0-6.0) × 104MPa, only about a quarter of the steel sucker rod (steel sucker rod of the elastic modulus of 2.1 × 105MPa), so that Extend the service life of the sucker rod, but also can increase the effective stroke of the pump plunger to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the liquid.

3, anti-corrosion ability: glass steel rod has good corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance; glass rod end fittings with corrosion resistance of steel made of rods mainly by the alkali, twist glass fiber and thermosetting resin fully infiltrated Preheated and cured, is the electrical non-conductor, in the salt water and containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and other environmental experiments, no corrosion. This can reduce the corrosion caused by the sucker rod on the operation of the situation, to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiency purposes.

4, high strength: glass steel rod tensile strength of 810MPa, to the D-class steel rod tensile strength, short-term maximum stress up to 300MPa, the maximum load up to 15t. 1 must be used before the insulation of the operating rod inspection , The appearance can not have cracks, scratches and other external damage;

2 must be verified after passing, unqualified is strictly prohibited;

3 must be applied to the operating device voltage level, and check the correct use before;

4 rain and snow weather must be carried out in the outdoor operation to use a special anti-rain cover with an insulated handle;

5 operation to connect the insulation of the operation of the rod and the section of the thread to leave the ground, the rod can not be placed on the ground to prevent weeds, soil into the thread or tied to the appearance of the rod, the deduction To tighten the tight, not the thread is not tight to use;

6 to minimize the use of the bending force on the rod to prevent damage to the rod;

7 after the use of the body surface in time to wipe clean the stains, and the decomposition of the sections into a dedicated tool bag, stored in the house well ventilated, clean and dry stent or hanging up, try not to * near the wall, To prevent moisture, damage its insulation;

8 on the insulated operating rod to have custody;

9 half of the insulation rod to conduct an AC pressure test, unqualified to immediately scrapped, can not reduce its standard use.

FRP classification According to the structure of unsaturated polyester resin can be divided into: o-benzene type, benzene type, benzene type, bisphenol A type, vinyl ester type; according to its performance can be divided into: general, (Glass fiber reinforced plastic) and non-glass fiber reinforced plastic (inorganic glass steel) two categories; the so-called glass fiber reinforced plastic products refers to the resin to the glass Fiber and its products for the enhancement of materials made of various products, also known as glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP or FRP); non-glass steel products are resin and inorganic fillers or their own use alone made of various products, Also known as non-reinforced FRP products.