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Fiberglass Rods Widely Used
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Fiberglass Rods Widely used

Glass fiber rods are made of basic materials such as fiberglass, and have good performance in practical applications. They have also been applied to the occasion. We usually see kite brackets and tent stands and bed frames. To fiberglass rods. This article will introduce the glass fiber rods of several major applications.

1, electrical and electrical supplies

Home supplies are also a wide range of applications for fiberglass rods, such as: cable trays, electrical staircase, switch plugs, telescopic rods, camping tents, wire drawers and other electrical appliances.

2, home appliances

 Home supplies are also a wide range of applications for fiberglass sticks, such as: anti-theft windows, vegetable greenhouses, tables and chairs, bed frames, luggage, penetration, bathroom floor and other household items will be applied to this bar.

3, leisure goods

The use of glass rods in recreational products is very extensive, such as: golf nets, beach chairs, camping tents, gun racks, kites will be applied to this bar, enrich people's leisure and entertainment life.

4, sporting goods

The application of glass fiber rods in sporting goods is also very wide, such as: toy aircraft, toy speed, model aircraft, fitness ring, bow, arrow, baseball practice, arm and other sporting goods will be applied to this bar, rich People's sports facilities.

According to the alkali content of the glass component, the continuous fibers can be divided into the following

Alkali fiber (commonly known as E glass): R2O content of less than 0.8%, is an aluminum borosilicate composition. Its chemical stability, electrical insulation properties, strength is very good. Mainly used for electrical insulation materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic and tire cord. In the alkali fiber: R2O content of 11.9% -16.4%, is a soda-lime silicate composition, because of its high alkali content, can not be made of electrical insulation material, but its chemical stability and strength is still good. Generally for latex cloth, square grid fabric, acid filter cloth, window materials, etc., but also for the electrical performance and strength requirements are not very strict glass fiber reinforced materials. This fiber is low cost and has a wider range of uses.

High alkali fiber: Glass content with an R2O content equal to or greater than 15%. Such as the use of broken flat glass, broken bottles of glass as raw materials drawn from the glass fiber, are such. Can be used for battery separator, pipe dressing and mats and other waterproof, moisture-proof materials. Special glass fiber: such as pure magnesium aluminum silicon ternary composed of high-strength glass fiber, magnesium aluminum-based high-strength high-elastic glass fiber; silicon aluminum calcium and magnesium chemical resistant glass fiber; aluminum fiber; high silica fiber; quartz fiber Wait.