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Fiberglass Tubes Process Requirements
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Fiberglass Tubes Process requirements

FRP pipe is a lightweight, high strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic pipe. It is a glass fiber with a resin-based weight, which is wound on the rotating core mold according to the requirements of the process, and the quartz sand is evenly covered with the sand as a sandwich layer. Its pipe wall structure is reasonable and advanced, can give full play to the role of materials, to meet the strength of the premise, to improve the steel, to ensure the stability of the product and reliability. Glass fiber reinforced plastic sand pipe with its excellent chemical resistance, light high strength, no scaling, strong earthquake resistance, compared with ordinary steel long life, low cost, fast installation, safe and reliable, the majority of users accepted.

Fiberglass pipe classification commonly used 9 kinds:

(1) FRP desulfurization pipeline;

(2) fiberglass sand pipe;

(3) FRP pressure piping;

(4) FRP cable protection tube;

(5) FRP pipeline;

(6) glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe;

(7) FRP ventilation ducts;

(8) FRP sewage pipes;

(9) FRP pipe jacking.

Pipeline characteristics:

(1) Corrosion resistance: chemically inert material, excellent corrosion resistance, and according to the transmission medium to choose a different corrosion-resistant pipe.

(2) mechanical strength: resistance to water pressure, resistance to external pressure and impact strength are good and can be designed according to the pressure of pipe and pipe fittings.

(3) temperature adaptability: the use of temperature range: greater than -70 degrees Celsius less than 250 degrees Celsius, frozen media pipe is not broken.

(4) fluid resistance is small: smooth pipe wall, rough coefficient 0.0084, the same flow, the diameter can be reduced.

(5) light weight, long life: light weight, transport facilities, low construction costs, no maintenance, service life of up to 50 years.

(6) to maintain water quality: non-toxic, transport of drinking water, to maintain long-term water quality health.

FRP cable protection tube can meet the specific requirements of users, can be used in silty soft soil area, collapsible loess area, lake Haidian area and the presence of high-level chemical corrosive media area and other field area. The use of supporting the combination of special tube pillow, can be composed of multi-row multi-row multi-pipe row of the way. Cable over the bridge, across the river and other special environment for the protection of the tube.

Typical application areas:

(1) urban power grid construction and renovation project.

(2) urban municipal renovation project.

(3) civil aviation airport construction.

(4) industrial park, residential construction.

(5) traffic road and bridge construction.