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Fiberglass Tubes What Are The USES Of Fiberglass
- Jul 17, 2017 -

Fiberglass Tubes What are the USES of fiberglass

FRP is a kind of composite material which has developed rapidly in over 50 years. About 70 percent of glass fiber production is used to make fiberglass. Glass steel has a high hardness and is much lighter than steel. It can be used as a fuel tank and pipe to reduce the weight of the aircraft. Astronauts on the moon, with their tiny oxygen tanks on their backs, are also made of fiberglass. Glass and steel is easy to process, without rust and without paint. Our country has been widely used in the manufacture of various small motorboats, lifeboats, yachts, and automobile manufacturing industries, saving a lot of steel. Since fiberglass is a composite material, its performance is very broad, so its market development prospects are very broad. According to relevant statistics, there are about 40,000 kinds of glass steel products developed in the world. Although each country is based on its own economic development situation, the direction of development has its own focus, but it has basically been involved in various industrial sectors.

After more than 40 years of development, China's glass and steel industry has achieved successful application in various fields of national economy and played an important role in economic construction. The main applications of FRP are summarized as follows:

Construction industry: New cooling towers, FRP doors and Windows, building structure, the retaining structure, interior equipment and decoration, glass fiber reinforced plastic plate, corrugated tile, decorative materials, sanitary ware and bathroom, sauna, surfing bath, construction template, storage architecture, as well as the solar energy utilization device and so on.

Chemical industry: corrosion resistant storage tank, storage tank, pipe corrosion resistant pump and its accessories, decay resistance valve, grille, ventilation facilities, as well as sewage and waste water treatment equipment and accessories, and so on.

Automotive and railway transportation industry: the case and other parts, all plastic mini cars, large passenger car body shell, the door, the board, the main column, floor, floor beam, bumper, instrument panel, minivans, and fire tank car, refrigerator car, tractor cab and machine cover, etc.; In terms of railway transportation, the train window frame, the car with the top plate, roof water tank, toilet floor, baggage car door, the roof ventilator, cold storage doors, storage tank, and some railway communication facilities, etc.; In the aspect of highway construction, there are traffic signs, road signs, isolation blocks, highway guardrails and so on.

Boats and water transport industries: inland waterway passenger and cargo ship, fishing boats, hovercraft, all kinds of yacht, rowing, high-speed boat, boat, tender, and glass fiber reinforced plastic beacons and mooring buoy floating drum and so on.

Electrical industry and communication engineering, arcing equipment, cable protection tube, generator stator coil and support ring and conical shell, insulating tube, insulating rod, motor protector, high voltage insulator, standard capacitor shell, motor cooling with casing, generators wind deflector, high-voltage electrical equipment; Distribution box and switchboard, insulated shaft, glass steel cover and other electrical equipment; Electronic engineering applications such as printed circuit board, antenna and radar cover. In recent years, with the development of science and technology, as well as the improvement of people's living standards, many civil FRP products widely development, many cities such as sculpture, arts and crafts, modelling, fast food tables and chairs, motorcycle parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic flower POTS, helmet, senior amusement equipment, household appliances shell, etc., are successfully a large number of applications.

Can make glass cylinder tile, also known as transparent tile. Is the daylighting of the used materials and steel structure, its mainly composed of high-performance membrane, strengthening of polyester and glass fiber, of which the membrane to play the role of good anti-ultraviolet antistatic, anti-ultraviolet radiation is in order to protect the FRP plate of polyester not yellowing of aging, premature loss of pervious to light. Antistatic is to ensure that the dust of the surface is easily washed away by rain or blown away by the wind, maintaining a clean and beautiful surface. Due to the characteristic of its stable quality, durable, welcome by customers, products can be widely used in the industrial/commercial/residential building roof and metope film used as props, both convenient and quick, and save cost. Can imitate very many kinds of material effect. Popular with people. The chemical plant also USES the glass steel of phenolic resin instead of stainless steel to do all kinds of corrosion resistant equipment, greatly extend the life of the equipment. Glass and steel are not magnetic, and do not block electromagnetic waves through. Using it to do missile radars is like putting a pair of protective glasses on a missile, not blocking the radar's "line of sight" and protecting it. Now, many of the missile and ground radar covers are made of glass.