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High Strength Glass Fiber Fiberglass
- Jun 16, 2017 -

High strength glass fiber Fiberglass 

It is characterized by high strength, high modulus, its single fiber tensile strength of 2800MPa, than the alkali-free glass tensile strength of about 25%, elastic modulus of 86000MPa, higher than the E-glass fiber strength. With their production of glass steel products for military, space, bulletproof armor and sports equipment. But because of the high price, and now in civilian areas can not be promoted, the world production will be about a few thousand tons.

AR glass fiber

Also known as alkali-resistant glass fiber, alkali-resistant glass fiber is glass fiber reinforced (cement) concrete (referred to as GRC) ribbed material, 100% inorganic fiber, non-bearing cement components in steel and asbestos is an ideal alternative. Alkali-resistant glass fiber is characterized by good alkali resistance, can effectively resist the erosion of high alkali material in cement, strong grip strength, elastic modulus, impact resistance, tensile strength, high bending strength, nonflammable, , Alkali-resistant glass fiber is widely used in high-performance enhanced (cement) concrete in a new type of green environment-friendly enhanced, easy to change, material.

A glass

Also known as high alkali glass, is a typical sodium silicate glass, due to poor water resistance, rarely used in the production of glass fiber.

E-CR glass

Is an improved boron-free alkali-free glass for the production of good acid and water resistance of glass fiber, the water resistance than alkali-free glass fiber to improve 7 to 8 times, acid resistance than the alkali glass fiber is also a lot of For the underground pipes, tanks and other development of new varieties.

D glass

Also known as low dielectric glass, for the production of dielectric strength of low dielectric glass fiber.

In addition to the above glass fiber components, there is now a new E-glass fiber, it is completely free of boron, thereby reducing environmental pollution, but its electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties are similar with the traditional E glass. There is also a glass fiber with a dual glass composition that has been used in the production of glass wool and is said to have potential for FRP reinforcements. In addition, there are fluorine-free glass fiber, is designed for environmental protection and the development of improved E-glass fiber.

Identify high-alkali glass fibers

The simple method of testing is to put the fiber in boiling water and cook for 6-7h. If it is high alkali glassy nitrocellulose, after boiling water, the warp and weft

The whole part becomes loose.

According to different standards, glass fiber classification methods are many, generally from the length and diameter, composition and performance of two points to divide.