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Pultruded Fiberglass Beautiful And Easy Maintenance
- Sep 06, 2017 -

 pultruded fiberglass Beautiful and easy maintenance

Glass fiber rod is a pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic composite material, is a continuous glass fiber roving and resin in the pultrusion machine under the traction forming thermosetting elastic material; the surface of the resin-rich layer and it has a good anti-corrosion, It has a light weight, high strength, good elasticity, stable and precise size, but also with insulation, no heat, flame retardant, beautiful and easy maintenance and other fine features, so in a corrosive environment of the project is to replace steel and other materials The best products, and a wide range of applications: fiber reinforced core, sports equipment products, flagpole, canopy pole, tent pole, grain machine boom, curtain rod, sign pole, row fan column, car antenna, building, bridge reinforcement, mechanical transmission Axis, golf club, garden fence, kite skeleton, aluminum balloon skeleton, umbrella skeleton, bracket blanket frame, model aircraft skeleton, luggage skeleton, fishing gear accessories, its specifications are: diameter 0.6mm ---- 50mm (commonly used Specifications), special specifications can be based on customer demand for mold production.

Glass fiber is a glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, felt, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing material, synthetic resin as a matrix material of a composite material. The concept of composite material refers to a material can not meet the requirements of the use of two or more materials need to be combined together to form another material to meet the requirements of people, that is, composite materials. For example, a single glass fiber, although the strength is high, but the fiber is loose, can only withstand tension, can not withstand bending, shear and compressive stress, is not easy to make a fixed geometry, is soft. If they are bonded together with synthetic resin, can be made into a variety of fixed shape of the hard products, both bear tensile stress, but also bear bending, compression and shear stress.

Modern industrial glass fiber is the last century 40's began to produce. After the Second World War, glass fiber products have been a great development and application. This period can be called the first phase of the development of glass fiber products.

60 years with the development of industry, changed the glass composition, the study of high strength, high modulus glass fiber. So that the development of glass fiber products to a new stage, can be called the second phase of the development of glass fiber products.