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What are the advantages of FRP Rod?
- Dec 23, 2016 -

FRP Rod Strength Member

FRP rod strength member is to use vinyl ester resin as foundation combined with the strength of glass fiber through pultrusion technology to produce a new type of high performance non-metallic composite material.

The non-metallic material of the fiber reinforced plastics FRP rod is insensitive to lightning strike, which is suitable for the area with frequent lightning and rain.

Free from the induction interference , the optical fiber cables with FRP strength member can be installed close to the power line and electronic devices. And the transmission efficiency can also be improved accordingly.

Compared with the traditional metal core, the FRP strength member eliminates harmful gas produced by the chemical reaction of metal and ointments which can negatively affect the cable’s transmission quality.

What’s more, the FRP strength member is with lower density but higher strength, and it also excels in bullet-proof and rodent-proof.

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